Thursday, December 6, 2007

Searching for Pancakes

I spent an hour yesterday morning looking through the cookbooks at Strand Books at the corner of 12th and Broadway in Manhattan, searching for a cookbook devoted entirely to pancakes. Strand's cookbook section is larger than some bookstores. I didn't see even one cookbook devoted to pancakes. It appears, however, that I was wasting my time, as a search of "pancake cookbook" on turned up at least four such cookbooks currently in print. But ordering one of these books would be too easy.

So, choosing the journey over the destination, I will collect recipes, discuss methodologies of preparation and catalogue the things that go in, on and under pancakes. I will attempt to visit places that make pancakes that are widely acclaimed or unique or bizarre and report what I find. And I will ponder whether mindfulness and concentartion in making and eating pancakes could help us to discover our Buddha-nature.

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